In a dress with a bold neckline. Dasha Astafieva excited the Network with candid photos

Dasha Astafieva starred in a new photo shoot (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian singer and model Dasha Astafieva continues to delight fans with spicy pictures on her Instagram page.

The 35-year-old star posted a series of pictures from the new photoset, for which she posed in a laconic black dress with a daring neckline. In one of the pictures, Astafieva bared her breasts, exciting the followers.

The author of the new photo session of the singer was the Kyiv photographer Olga Malinina.


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In the signature to the new shots, Astafieva shared a book that impressed her, and also admitted that she considers herself very jealous:

“I’m madly jealous. And unfortunately, this applies not only to people … often it is literature, music, art. Yesterday I finished another masterpiece, a book that greatly touched the person inside me. Marina Stepanova “Women of Lazarus”. I tear it away from myself … what if, in your life, this is the same vital piece that will return unexpectedly, unexpectedly) Sometimes, we do not notice the magic, because we do not expect it, and it is difficult to believe in it if you do not expect it! Wait. I am not a magician, but I am ready to share sometimes, as promised! My inner miser demands justice !!! Share your same amazing dear book! “, – wrote the star.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram