In an old interview, Adele had promised not to lose weight or go on diets



A news story from 2011 was unearthed where Adele revealed that she would never lose weight or diet, justifying that she loves red wine and doesn’t have time to exercise.

“My size is normal. I would not encourage anyone to be overweight, any more than I would encourage a Ralph Lauren model to suck on ice when she feels like fainting, ”said the singer.

About the academy, the interpreter of “Send My Love” said: “When I manage to make time, I don’t want to go to the gym, I want to go to the bar with my friends”.

At the time, she also revealed that she was told to look for a hypnotherapist to deal with her insecurities, but that she preferred to drink.

Brazilian personal trainer who lives in Los Angeles, Camila Goodis, told Adele about the possible secret to losing a few pounds: “I don’t think it was exercise, because she doesn’t like to exercise. Everything indicates that 90% were on a diet ”.

Camila, who was the singer’s personal for a while, continued: “She changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90% of that was food: a balanced diet, eating fewer calories a day and using more energy”.

Recently Adele’s weight came back to be a topic after the singer published a photo on her Instagram account while watching Beyoncé’s new audiovisual project, “BLACK IS KING”.