In conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker


Between Sarah Jessica Parker and fashion is a long love story. When he played the character of Carrie Bradshaw, heroine of the TV series Sex and the City, or in the air in the period between 1998 and 2004, the American actress became a fashion icon for a whole generation of women, because of his style and his eternal Manolo Blahnik. The role, which he has won four Golden Globe”, three SAG Awards, two Emmy Awards and the name of the icon from the CFDA Council of fashion designers of America. From this point, PPP left that fashion is his world.

His biggest passion is shoes; so much so that we created a brand with his name on SJP Collection (2014)- and the second consecutive year won a deal to be the face of Intimissimi in America. With style, sometimes quietly, sometimes extrovert and eccentric, 54 the actress claims that it’s important for women to have a wide selection, making that feels free.

“Of course, not always win, but I try not to let negativity affect me”

Elegant and sexy, Sarah Jessica Parker, is really a woman who can laugh at themselves. In the campaign for Intimissimi wearing silk pajamas that through which visible lace bra. All without worrying about what I can say other

“I believe the luxury, freedom, don’t be afraid to play with looks and could believe in myself. I think, however, that sometimes the crisis for their own safety, not an event to escape: it’s nice to feel the support to vary, sometimes nervous and a little faith in yourself. This set of emotions that can’t be overemphasized for your own personal development”

In October last year, along with Brunette Marquezine and Irina Shayk were in the front row at the fashion show autumn/winter 2019/20 Intimissimi in Verona. If in new York will forever be his sanctuary, a city that is not enough, when he’s away is, of course, Rome: half of his heart belongs to him because of its streets and the air we breathe, the source immisurabile breath. “I like to ride a bike in Rome, through the Villa Borghese Park, Piazza del Popolo, the Vatican. I ate my favorite ice cream in Rome ice cream parlour called Lemongrass. I love it, the museums, architecture, Piety, its narrow streets with pavement”

To combine work and family, it’s not always easy, in fact, it is a daily challenge “They, of course, make more effort, all these women, from two or three jobs that they don’t have the help that I have. Working out is great, but being a mom is a joy, it’s much better. We all seek balance, even if illusory”

A passionate dance when she was a child, the PPP recognizes that this discipline has always been an important role in his life – especially when you need to dance in the kitchen with children James, 17, and twins Mario and Tabitha, 10. Just look at her Instagram to guess that this voracious reader “Long walks, read good books, two pillars, without which you cannot live

As for social networking, she appreciates your support and promotion of its supporters “Not only learn, but can show itself in a completely new“.

In her opinion, what makes a woman confident in her own body is to have faith in their own individuality.

You are very often in the books of account Instagram. What topics are you interested in? What author are you reading?

There are so many great books! I think it’s impossible to say which is my favorite and the best because they are all very different from each other. Currently reading Women in Black-Madeleine St John, the Australian, who won the Pulitzer Prize (the only woman to win). I read Will and Testament, to Vigdis Hjorth, in the following instead, it will Jodi Kantor on motion #MeToo. I can’t read a few books together, I always focus on one at a time

Many are fighting against the social network, accusing them to cause anxiety, insomnia, stress and low self-esteem. How to live your social? Have a negative effect?

Actually I don’t have any negative opinion about social networking, but certainly there are difficulties. For me it’s a new world, new language, new way of communicating. Sometimes I have to do to understand how to respond to these platforms, because I hate to answer rudeness. Despite all, I think they are very interesting, because it allows me to meet and chat with people I’d never met. We often talk about books and libraries. I would like to show a different side of me in the media, and the victories and defeats, good times and bad, holidays and work… there are thousands of possibilities. Of course, in any case creates problems. (laughs) my children, for example, do not have access to the social network

As you can see, the emancipation of women? I think if some mod started with Sex and the City?

Yes! The series certainly started to rock the boat. It took, however, a lot of time before the company took the conscious. The response was quite slow. Sex and the City really was a new voice, a fun; it was a big hit! Today we live in a complex, but at the same time, it is interesting that this argument, if he talks a lot. So many questions and few answers: I don’t know if the solution is so simple to find is still an illusion

In an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, saying that mothers today are different from those times. How are you with this role?

Good question (laughs). Being a mother is a wonderful, interesting, ambitious, and will break your heart. All at the same time. To see their children grow and cope with obstacles that we must resolve, it is very difficult, and not only for them. Every child is different, and is not a right way and a wrong growth, no right answers, everything is always constantly changing. But I think that’s what keeps us busy to be a mommy: not a day passes, and more!

How is your relationship with fashion? How would you describe the collaboration with Intimissimi?

never give advice in a style because I’m always in search of inspiration. I think it’s important to feel good, to be authentic and not be afraid to be unique