“In Europe Blonde appreciated it”


During a new promotional interview ahead of the Oscars 2023beloved Cuban actress Ana de Armas is back to defend Andrew Dominik’s Blonde, one of the most controversial and polarizing films of recent years that Hollywood and the United States alike have largely despised.

However, the reception abroad, especially in Europeas very often happens, was totally different, at least in general: it is a trend that the authors know, that of bigoted Hollywood and more libertarian Europe (Woody Allen knows something about it), although the subject is rarely tackled head-on . Ana de Armas tried itwho said in a new interview:

When we premiered the film in Venice, or even at the San Sebasti├ín festival, the reaction was much warmer than that received in the United States. Of course, the reaction that gets the most headlines and the internet is the one here, in the United States, but that in the United States was not the only experience for Blonde. The praise that has come from Europe is unlikely to make headlines here, but as an artist you can think back to what you experienced in those places, or the reasons why you were attracted to a project. This won’t change. You can relive those moments with the director and the other actors. As hard as it is when people don’t like your film, these things work like this. It wasn’t a movie made to please people or to please people, anyway.”

In this regard, we told you some time ago why Blonde is deliberately macho and cruel, two characteristics that Hollywood perhaps just can’t afford to include in this historical moment.

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