In front of Covid-19, Church in NL calls the tithe… via deposit


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In spite of the emergency by the Covid-19, in the Parish of St. George Martyr is called to deposit the tithe. Image taken from Facebook: @PasrroquiaSJM


The Parish of St. George the Martyr, located in San Nicolas, asked the church community to help and send donations via bank deposit as the contingency of the Covid-19, has been forced to suspend the economic activities of the day, with the that held the payments from the church.

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In a press release signed by the pastor Sergio Lara Soto, through social networks, they explained that the support would be for the support of the basic services of the parish as a soil of religious, employees, services such as electricity, water and taxes, IMSS, INFONAVIT.

This type of donations would be during the duration of the pandemic until everything is back to normal.

For this donation specified that can be passed to the parish offices or deposit to the bank accounts of the parish.

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