In full quarantine, Samuel Garcia and Mariana Rodriguez were married in secret | TRIBUNE


Monterrey, Nuevo León.- The Senator Citizen Movement in Monterrey, Samuel Garcia married in secret with Mariana Rodriguez during the night of the 27th of march, in the cathedral of the capital.

The catholic ceremony began at 19:00 hours with approximately 20 guests at the celebration.

At the end of the ceremony, the senator along with guests, musicians and photographers, withdrew from the place, it was a total of 30 people in the catholic church.

Formerly this celebration was going to be the 16 of may but because of the coronavirushad to fast forward, and the evidence of the ceremony will be published soon in social networks.

Other suspicions go on a possible pregnancyas some people pointed out that since the civil wedding, Mariana noticed a small lump in the belly.

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