In great shape. Chris Hemsworth showed how he prepares to shoot the new Thor

Chris Hemsworth is actively preparing to shoot the new Thor (Photo: Instagram)

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth showed how he prepares to shoot the new Thor.

Performer of the Torah in kinovselennoy Marvel intensively preparing to shoot the film in the Top 4: Love and Thunder ( Thor: Love and Thunder), which should start in January.

The 37-year-old actor posted on Instagram a photo in which he flips a giant wheel, showing a muscular body.

“I decided to indulge myself with this very big donut, damn it, it’s heavy,” Hemsworth signed the picture.


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The picture received over 4 million likes, as well as many comments. It is noteworthy that the photo was commented on by Hemsworth’s colleague, actor Chris Pratt.

“Hello, my friend. My coach just said that he needs you to stop training because we’re in the same movie and all. He doesn’t want me to stand next to you while you look like that, “Pratt wrote, adding that Hemsworth urgently needs to gain 11 kilograms.

Hemsworth responded to a colleague’s comment by suggesting that he use an ” Instagram filter like this photo.”

Photo: Instagram

Recall that Hollywood director Taiki Waititi intends to start filming the new Thor in January. The premiere of the superhero movie is scheduled for February 2022.

The last time the hero of Chris Hemsworth appeared in the film Avengers: Endgame in an unusual way for Thor – overweight, overgrown hair and beard. However, judging by the new photo of the actor, Thor will lose weight and return to his previous form.