“In Italy, life for a woman is not easy”

Director of the Venice Film Festival in competition with the film “At Last Alba”.

Published:01-09-2023 18:43

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VENICE LIDO – La Cinecitta from the 50sthis irresistible charm of the magic of cinema, the amazement at the sight of the bustle on the set, dream of becoming an actress, toxicity and fragility behind the lights of the star system and the pyramids rebuilt at the iconic studios for the film about Cleopatra. Without forgetting the “archetypal image of a woman who was used and discarded, like the body of an aspiring actress on Capocotta Beach.” Vilma Montesi and loss of innocence,” he said. Saverio Costanzo in competition at the 80th Venice Film Festival with the film “At Last Alba”.

Twenty-eight million euros and an international cast starting from Lily James, Willem Dafoe, Joe Keery (Steve Harrington from Stringer Things) Rachel Sennott (Leia from Idol with The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp). But all attention is focused on the main character: debutant Rebecca Antonacci, an up-and-coming young movie star with amazing talent. Also in the cast Alba Rohrwacher as Alida Valli and cameo role Michelle Bravey.

For “Dawn At Last”I began with the Montesi case, with a photograph of a tortured body face down, so similar to many of today’s tragedies of rape and feminicide. Let’s face it, life is not easy for a woman in Italy.– Costanzo said. “And so I imagined that an aspiring actress like Wilma had the same dream. And from here began the whole story that crosses this news and follows Mimosa, a symbol of naivety, purity, simplicity that changes day and night but is not lost.“.

Actor’s professionit’s very difficult, it takes a lot of courage, they take the most risks, they are our heroes“, explained the director. “I belong to the twentieth century, for me cinema still occupies a central place. What could be more powerful than images in a dark room?“, emphasized Costanzo, who dedicates the film to his father Maurizio. “Watching movies is a formative experience, a learning experience that changes us and takes us far.. I don’t know if this is true for young people, but it is true for my children. “I believe that,” he concluded, “there is nothing more exciting than cinema.”

From December 14 at the cinema 01 DistributionThe film is a Wildside production in association with Rai Cinema (in association with Fremantle, Cinecittà, Filmnation Entertainment).

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