In love, the one who runs wins. The incredible female popularity of Massimo Segre

I confess, I asked Massimo Segre for friendship on Facebook. But what for me was a private interest in official acts (sinister, for interviews), for many others is a movement of spontaneous sympathy. So this man – shy by his own admission – jumped to the news because he “liberated” an unfaithful companion (intentionally putting her in the pillory) and became an incredibly idol of followers or aspiring followers. Especially women. Who write to him: “You are a great man.” And thank you, he’s happy, he seems to like it.

Lawyer Massimo Segre was overwhelmed by extraordinary popularity. Overwhelming to the point that it would take him “three lifetimes” to meet everyone who asks for friendship. Persistent to the point of arousing suspicion even at Facebook, which mistakes his messaging messages for a spam bot and forces him to post – this time again urbi et orbi – a bulletin board message addressed to his potential friends. “I’m sorry, but on Facebook I only share friendship with those whom I have ever met in real life. I believe you asked for friendship after a painful media case that I hope to end today. He can still become my subscriber: everything that I publish is open to everyone, so nothing changes in the vision of my wall. If, on the other hand, we met in person, excuse me and I will fix it, ”writes the Turin lawyer.

However, his hope that he will end the Seimandi case is illusory. Yes, and how not to be. In fact, they write to him to return to Christina, to break with the one who was on the verge of becoming Signora Segre. And they sympathize not with her, but with him. “Remember that everything passes. Asking for friendship can be a gesture of solidarity, especially from those who have already been through it. We apologize for the inconvenience,” says, for example, Maria. Segre appreciates. “It’s not a nuisance.” Chiara offers to meet “just once”. And Segre: “Of course! Never say never in your life! Once it started like this and ended up as a professional collaboration, I think about mutual satisfaction.” Liliana, quote from Toto: “Gentlemen, we were born, and you were born!”. Like Segre. And also like Cinzia, who writes “in a compliment, because betrayal does not deserve any other attention.” Elvira wants to know about the ring he gave her – a family ring, a seal of a contract that was to be fulfilled. “The lady lost him,” reports Segre. “A good reason”. But he doesn’t, this time he’s protecting Christine. “No, she lost … she went crazy looking for him. I believe her. As a result, it will get stuck in the unknown. Sometimes he hid something, but then he didn’t remember.” Elvira obeys him, but pulls his ears. “This lady was not very loyal to you, but let me tell you that you were not very smart.” He: “I was madly in love and therefore with thick slices of ham in front of my eyes: he is right, I am to blame.” Sandra, she’s the only one trying to object. “Why ask for friendship from a stranger and praise him without listening to the lady’s version? Mystery for me.” Overwhelmed by criticism. Segre’s “friends” think like Marina, who writes poems to him from yet another (famous) betrayal. “Recuerde… cuando menos piensas… sale el sol”. Segre like Shakira.

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