In Monza, we are already discussing the Formula 1 of the future. It will make noise again

In Monza, we are already discussing the Formula 1 of the future. It will make noise again

Umberto Zapelloni

Ahead of Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix, Liberty Media CEO Stefano Domenicali spoke about the challenges the circus will face. Starting with the future of the Lombard race track. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton extends his contract with Mercedes

There Formula 1 the future will make noise again. This is what the fans want. Stefano Domenicali chooses the Grand Prix at his home, on a track in the middle of a park devastated by a hurricane a few weeks ago, for a glimpse into the future of a championship that, while taken for granted, continues to sell out. routes around the world. Even here, in Monza, more than a hundred thousand spectators will come on Sunday, only Brad Pitt, who was stopped by the strike of American actors, will not be there. However, his Formula 1 film will continue to be filmed here. The Temple of Speed ​​couldn’t be missing from a Hollywood script. The history of Formula 1 was written here. But history is not enough to guarantee the future. Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Liberty Media, repeats this once and for all: “First of all, I want to thank the organizers, because it is enough to walk around the park and see how many plasters they had to put on. Throughout August, they worked tirelessly to repair the damage caused by the hurricane. It’s almost a miracle to be here. But now we need to think about the future. We were promised that as soon as the Grand Prix is ​​over, work will begin on the modernization of the facility … “. This was promised by everyone, even politicians. But the situation is complicated. The concession is expiring and Aci has no mathematical certainty that it will be able to operate the National Circuit even after 2028.. ACI president Angelo Sticchi Damiani has said on several occasions that it is necessary to be able to plan in order to secure a contract extension with Formula 1. Domenicali replies: “We can’t wait beyond next year. But we also want to understand what the future holds for Italy in Formula 1. At the moment we have two Grands Prix, one at Imola and the other here at Monza. We need to understand if Italy wants to invest in motorsport and run two races, or if the other choice prevails.” Uncertain future. Italy will remain on the calendar, but the permanency of the two appointments is not certain, even if Domenicali, who was born in Imola but has a family home in Monza, reiterates that the competition is always higher. He also suggests looking around and seeing what some countries, such as Holland, are doing to entertain the public.

“Max’s dominance has not dampened interest around the world. People love champions who make history and we should recognize what they do. I would like the championship to be uncertain, like in 2021, perhaps without a final dispute. But the dominance of Max did not affect the interest. It’s different in Italy, so I hope Ferrari can be competitive again. I believe something might change next year but no, let’s not think about the performance balance used in other motorsport categories to rebalance, I think we can achieve that with the evolution of the cars.”

Stefano Domenicali also looks to the future. Bless Hamilton, which he extended for another two years. (“He gave Formula 1 so much and also brought it to new worlds. He has a dream – an eighth title”), but then he moves on. Think of a Formula 1 that could have mudguards installed to improve the visibility of the drivers in case of rain (which is becoming more frequent), perhaps some kind of gimmick that can be put together and taken apart. But first of all, he assures: “I asked that the cars make noise again, so that sound engines. Fans around the world are asking us. Both young and old. Noise, which was viewed with suspicion a few years ago, is still desirable today. Who knows, maybe we’ll just go back to heat engines… lighter machines, maybe even smaller ones.” Good news. As well as an escape from electricians: “We are convinced that investing in biofuels is the right way for any kind of mobility. We cannot think that everyone—cars, trucks, ships, and planes—runs on electricity. as long as we produce energy the way we do it today.”

A noisy future in every sense. In the meantime, let’s enjoy Monza.

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