In Morelos, amagan with burn hospital enabled to serve patients with Covid-19


“This hospital will not be exclusive of Covid, you will need normal attention,” says the ministry of Health of the state.

By Star Pedroza

In the midst of the contingency by Covid-19, residents of the town of Axochiapan they object to the general hospital “Dr. Angel Ventura Neri” that belongs to that area, be enabled to treat patients with coronavirus and threaten to “burn it”.

The above, after health authorities announced that that hospital it would be available “100 percent” along with some areas of two other hospitals to address this contingency.

The news concerned the population, so they decided to address to the managers of the hospital, located at calle Prolongacion Zaragoza corner with Francisco Cazales of the colony Progress.

“We are not interested in bring anyone, and if they are going to spoil things, so do what you want but you’re not going to bring people (suffering) because it’s going to be tough… Oh, the burn, eh!”, said one of the people in front of medical personnel, as can be seen in a video circulating in social networks.

The claim was followed by other comments made by different people:

“Listen well: let it burn!”, “We burn the damn hospital and no hospital”, “I got burned”, “I hitched a ride molotov cocktails and let’s see if they do not go out” and “it is not going to serve this hospital.”

The protesters argue that the hospital usually does not have the capacity to serve the population and presents a shortage of medicines.

Axochipan is one of the municipalities where the population, on various occasions, has taken justice into their own hands with attempts of lynching or lynching accomplished (as happened in early April of 2017 with a man who allegedly tried to kidnap an inhabitant).

The conversion from hospital

On the 29th of march, during the press conference headed by Marco Antonio Cantu Cuevas, secretary of Health in the entity, it is given to know the progress of the pandemic and announced the program of retraining hospital which seeks to ensure the care of patients infected by the virus.

Mario Balbuena Basurto, assistant director of Hospitals of Health Services of Morelos (SSM), as per instructions from secretary of health, explained that out of the 464 beds censables in the network of state hospitals, 143 is to be used for the care of respiratory diseases , including Covid19, with 123 fans.

And explained that this number of beds will be distributed in three of which.

One of them is the Hospital General Parres “Doctor Parres” of Cuernavaca, only on the first floor, and the area of obstetrics (midwifery), giving a total of 56 beds for attaining jurisdiction 1 ( which is formed by the hospitals of Cuernavaca, Temixco, and Tetecala).

The service area obstetric that will be transferred to the Hospital of Temixco “ENF. Maria De La Luz Delgado Morales,” and in case you have a pregnant woman to spread by Covid-19 will be answered in the Parres.

While in the General Hospital in Jojutla “Dr. Ernesto Meana San Román” is enabled 23 beds to meet the respiratory pathology of the jurisdiction 2 (which includes the hospitals of Bridge of Ixtla and Jojutla) and by their ability to be able to address the rest of the services with the support of the hospital of Puente de Ixtla.

In both the Hospital General de Axochiapan “Dr. Angel Ventura Neri” will be “100 percent”; this hospital corresponds to the jurisdiction (Axochiapan , Ocutuco and Cuautla).

The latter was affected during the earthquake of September 19, 2017, by which was rebuilt and equipped and is in a position to give this service.

The announcement can be found in the next transmission, from minute nine to the minute 15:

The response to the complaint

Marco Antonio Cantu Cuevas, head of the ministry of Health, retracted the information that was disclosed on the conversion and said that it was untrue that the hospital “Dr. Angel Ventura Neri” was intended to address only the condition.

“What of Axochiapan is a problem generated by false information, that is what happens to Axochiapan. All the hospitals, all of them, they are going to understand patients Covid19, can’t we just say in one it goes to address, in this no (…) there is some wrong information that is misrepresented and the community with that knowledge for the wrong had a demonstration in the hospital,” he said.

He explained that the hospital will continue to work “normally” but said that “if in the future that we had to do a strategy like that presented in last Sunday, well, are the strategies for the entire state, is not exclusive of Axochiapan, but in this moment, you do not have the people to be alarmed, we’re not going to send people who require care in where they can not meet (…) the hospital shall not be exclusive of Covid, you will need normal attention”.

The state official mused: “What will make the people of Axochiapan? Themselves then you do not want to receive care in your hospital, it is not for other communities, it is for them, for all the people of the area”.

Revealed that even he is planning to perform a regional strategy to that between the states of the periphery of the support between them to be able to streamline the number of beds.

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