In Odnoklassniki. Tina Karol disgraced herself by inviting fans to the Russian social network

Tina Karol opened an account on Odnoklassniki (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol registered in the Russian social network Odnoklassniki, which is banned in Ukraine.

The artist published a new photo on her Instagram story, inviting fans to subscribe to her page on the forbidden social network, the link to which she attached to the publication.

The same picture was published on Karol’s page, but without a call to join her on Odnoklassniki. It is known that the portrait photo, in which the singer poses in a white top with spectacular makeup, was taken by photographer Ksenia Kargina.

Photo: Instagram

Note that in 2017, Ukraine imposed sanctions against Russia, which include a ban on Russian Internet services, in particular, blocking access to social networks Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.