In Paris 2024, the United States will take revenge

The World Cup and the United States don’t get along wellU.S. national team Second straight defeat before reaching the tournament finalsthus leaving some The bad feeling one year before the Olympicsthe player base is expected to undergo brutal changes will form a less frightening Team USA.

NBA superstars unite to fight Europe

The overwhelming dominance shown by the U.S. team is still far away. Ahead of the rest of the world.Today, basketball is more global and Very strong in Europerevolutionized the basketball paradigm, in which America is no longer the horrible monster that ignores almost everyone in the world.

After experiencing a new and unforgettable taunt, US issues emergency appeal to NBA superstars redeemed again Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Kevin Durant could be part of a team filled with the best players at the 2024 Paris Olympics This time, we will do our best to win a new Olympic gold medal.

Double defeat in this World Cup

If the American team loses a game, it is already a big failure. Twice was even worse, an unforgettable double defeat for the Americans. exactly, In addition to the loss to Germany in the semi-finals, we also have to add the loss to Canada in the bronze medal gamewhich has Dillon Brooks is impeccable, Shai is among the MVPs They knocked some guys down in overtime dying america.

There’s a real danger in underestimating your competitors, and that’s what they’ve done in the U.S. for yearsthey think the choice Only three All-Star caliber players and no no synergy Against good teams like Europe, that’s enough.

So Paris 2024 is the next event on the Paris calendar Team USA, Waiting for forging They seek ultimate revenge by fielding a truly talented team, rather than a World Cup where they seemed to get carried away.

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