“In perfect shape.” 54-year-old Salma Hayek showed off a figure in a swimsuit

Salma Hayek showed a photo taken on vacation (Photo: Instagram)

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek showed a new photo taken during the New Year’s holidays in warm lands.

The 54-year-old movie star impressed followers with her slender forms in a swimsuit. The actress has published a picture of posing in a brown bikini and sunglasses in a fashionable tortoiseshell frame.

In the comments, fans did not hide their admiration when discussing Hayek’s sexual forms:

“50+, but still breaks hearts”, “In perfect shape”, “You look great!”, “Stunningly beautiful”, “Role model”, “Stunning figure,” they write on the Web.

On the eve, Hayek also showed a photo in a purple bikini, and spoke about the start of the new 2021:

“So the year 2021 has begun, full of hopes, dreams, and unexpected strength. Ready for new adventures, ”wrote the star.