In pink pajamas. Alina Grosu repeated a 10-year-old meme

The singer posted a humorous video filmed for TikTok (Photo:

Ukrainian actress and singer Alina Grosu repeated the famous 10-year-old video meme.

The artist filmed a humorous video on TikTok, and also posted it on her Instagram.

In the video, Grosu, in satin pink pajamas with pink fur and curlers wrapped around her hair, files her nails and “reflects” on the value and affordability of fashionable suits. The artist attached a sticker to the video with the words “ When I was pumping my English for two weeks in Turkey”.

“ When you watch Netflix exclusively in its original language when you show your ancestors your level of English when you just signed up for an English course. Your options?)))) Do you have such friends/girlfriends “foreigners”?))) “, – added the singer to the description of the publication.


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 The voice-over for the video is an excerpt from an interview with Zoya Vekselstein, manager of the Brighton Beach boutique, in which she talks about the fashion designer, her merits, as well as about her store, fashion, and herself. This plot became viral on the network due to the peculiar manner of the heroine’s speech, because she mixed words in Russian and English through one.

We will remind, recently the singer and some members of her family have had a coronavirus. In her profile, Grosu posted a video in which she told how the disease progressed.