In politics, overcoming the word “opposition” leads the loser to a boycott, and the winner to self-denial.

Opposition finds common ground, the opposition must be firm and united on some specific proposals, a wide field must oppose the right-wing government. This is how the majority of the minority parties thunder. Then there is Italy live who separates himself by claiming to represent the only real opposition.
Opposition, the word that gives me hives. Imagine a sports or cultural club. Imagine a meeting that elects a board of directors. Imagine now if the unelected, disillusioned, organized to oppose the club’s government, they would spend their time mocking it and accusing it of intending to interfere with its work. The behavior of these deceived unchosen would be considered petty, and they would have no followers.

Indeed, one would expect that even unchosen lend a helping handcan check, maybe with a critical look, but lend a hand, no need boycotts. It would never occur to anyone that the misguided unchosen should organize to oppose this. Everyone would like the majority to rule and the minority to actively control, in a serene alternation dynamic.
But politics, at least in Italy, works differently: whoever loses the election seems to be called upon to oppose it and if he does not do so decisively enough, he is blamed by his own constituents. Why? Because the political cultures of the twentieth century, both left and right, are based on the rhetoric of the enemy. The enemy of the people can be Jews, the bourgeoisie, industrialists, the treacherous Albion, the Yankees, it doesn’t matter, it’s important to assert your identity through the indication of the enemy.

Without a doubt, the Marxist theory of the class enemy, made a decisive contribution to the definition of this culture, and the social and fascist right had an easy game in more or less effective imitation, so society as a whole eventually accepted thought against as the predominant mental process. With the advent of neo-populism, this phenomenon has escalated, and the populisms of the right and the left follow the same pattern: you are not responsible for your failures, the culprits must be found somewhere else, in transnational corporations, in unfair profits, in finance, in the establishment, to those in power, and so on and so forth. How, the one who rules can only deny what he shouted until yesterday, when he proudly belonged to the opposition. Yes, because the opposition points to the ruler as an evil that interferes with the happiness of individual people, and to his replacement as a panacea for all ills. Then go to the government and find that everyone, when he rules, basically does what he can. This applies to Meloni today, this applied to the left until yesterday.

The first generating step of the alternative bipopulism, must be represented by the advancement of thought and hence the adoption of a new language. Removing the word “opposition” in the basement would be the first step.

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