In Puerto Rico. Alla Kostromicheva showed how she rests in San Juan and demonstrated how to wear vintage in style

Alla Kostromicheva showed how to stylishly wear vintage things (Photo:

Model and TV presenter Alla Kostromicheva showed her walk along the streets of the capital of Puerto Rico – the city of San Juan.

The leading Super Top Model in Ukrainian published photos and videos from the walk-in her Instagram stories. She said that she is in the capital of Puerto Rico and is trying to find interesting authentic places.

Alla Kostromicheva in Puerto Rico / Photo:

In her quest for local culture, the model found a shop selling items from young local designers.

Kostromicheva told if she liked San Juan / Photo:

Kostromicheva also showed a shop that sells vintage items. The model chose a stylish silk blouse with shoulder pads. Judging by the style, it was made around the 80s.

A local vintage shop in San Juan / Photo:

Then the model went to a small restaurant of Italian cuisine U Luigi, which she was advised to visit. The appearance of the establishment made an unpleasant impression on Kostromicheva, but after meeting the owner, she was satisfied.

Alla Kostromicheva in Puerto Rico / Photo:

In the story, subscribers asked Kostromicheva where she was and for what purpose she came – for work or on vacation. In response to a question, she posted a photo of her Puerto Rican driver’s license and wrote: “It’s much worse …”.

Alla Kostromicheva in Puerto Rico / Photo:

Ukrainian model Alla Kostromichova was born in Sevastopol, graduated from a technical university in her city. From the second year, she started modeling. In 2015, she married Jason Capone, an American investment banker of Italian origin. The couple lives in New York and brings up their son Salvatore.

Recall that the model and presenter recently shared a story about how she managed to get a short and laconic nickname @alla for her Instagram account.