In shape with the training ‘superwoman’ of Jessica Biel


Although the fever for the fitness and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a relatively new trend, Jessica Biel takes boasting a figure very much in form from the beginning of his career. Biel has revealed on several occasions that during his childhood he played soccer and was a gymnast, and from more than 10 years ago, yoga is one of their disciplines favorite. The amazing background of the physical actress also allows you to try other activities more extreme, as the weight lifting that are performed with the supervision of their coach Ben Bruno. Contrary to what many think, that the weights only serve to gain volume, the expert ensures that this type of routines are responsible for some of the bodies more stylized for the big screen.

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“I have worked very hard over the past few years so that women like to feel stronger, but many of them feel fear because they are concerned about widening”, has recently revealed Bruno magazine Shape. This fear to develop ways too male is one of the reasons why their clients have not wanted to get close to the weights, the specialist, however, wants to banish the myth that this type of routines are only for men.

“I sincerely believe that strength training will change the life to women, what I have proven time and time againboth by the positive effects that it has on the body and, most important, how it helps with the confidence in yourself, the relationship with food, etc”. Now, the mission of the expert consists in that not only the men occupying the area of free weights in gyms and that they are to be convinced that the practice of this activity is not synonymous with having a masculine appearance. Proof of this are Naomi Campbell, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lopez, and the same Biel, all of them with physical impact and fans of weight lifting.

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“Many people want to train to lose weight. However, what you are really looking for is to lose fat, so that the training with weight is the best way to achieve this and build muscle and definitionwhat most women want”, explains the specialist. A focus of training that will surprise many, and which promises a transformation of physical spectacular that already support the celebrities.