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The version has been circulating for years that Juan Martin del Potro Y Susana Gimenez they had a fiery affair. However, that romance remained floating in a gray area, in the “myths and legends” category of entertainment, but there are those who indicate that it happened.

And now, that the tennis player is very difficult financially, since in recent months he lost a colossal amount of the money earned in his brilliant career in the world of tennis due to scams, bad investments and other lousy plays by his father, who managed his money , the topic was back on the agenda.

While detailing in the afternoon the bad time of foal, bankrupt and in constant physical recovery, given his countless surgeries, Flower of the Ve burst into the famous anecdote with Suzanne, which is still on everyone’s lips in his hometown.

“Do you know how they catalog it in Tandil? sexually capricious”revealed Flower, knowingly. And to explain this curious nickname, the panelist indicated: “He said: ‘I’m going for Susana’, and it was in a way… Doesn’t it have to do with tennis players, who are quite calculating?”

Although he did not give much more detail about how this love affair of Delpo with the diva, of the Ve He assured that in the mountain city that is an emporium of the picada, the people of Tandil “They talk about how he planned it, how he found it, how he conquered it.”

He never gave expensive gifts, his partners reproach him; he was not generous”, added as data Matilda Whiteabout the champion US Open 2009 that today, they say, would have lost about 30 million dollars.

In spite of everything, and in the midst of such a weak panorama, Delpo introduced his new girlfriend, Oriana Barquet, a divine girl but what about “sugar mama”, What His, he doesn’t have a hair.

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