In terms of Audio, Is the Microsoft Xbox series, X-Beats, the PS5?


EXACTLY.CO A lot of speculation about the Microsoft-Xbox-serial X-the coming. According to the latest reports, this gaming console comes with an audio processing chip, special. However, this chip is not in competition with, the CPU power consumption in the processing of sound effects.

Sound Designer, senior Ninja Theory, Daniele Galante, confirm this report. According to him, the audio-chip, special Xbox X-series is the computing power for developers to offer voice. So, the CPU will be more focus on providing a keinerja and his ability on the display and the program.

Experts Studio of Microsoft, Phil Spencer also confirmed that the Xbox series X with the architecture of the graphics card AMD Zen 2 and RDNA-2. This graphics card supports the API, and DirectX.

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Microsoft Xbox X-series and Sony PS5 price of more than US $600 or more from Rp8,5 million. The price is certainly more expensive than expected, a lot of people. In some benchmarks, the overall performance of the two new console to be comparable.