In the bikini competition, presented to you in an outfit like no other – photos



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And does not want to reveal “too much skin”, a Muslim woman, 21 years old, Aysha Khan opted for a dress from surf for the parade in bathing suits of the beauty contest Miss England, writes the Sun, to the young participant.

In the case of the beauty contest Miss England, Aysha Khan, 21 years old, will be found to present as only one of the 49 participants, and his pictures with an outfit, surfing the web, instead of a bikini. This phase of the competition, optional since 2010, will lead the young show women in swimwear, writes the British tabloid newspaper The Sun.

“Too much skin”

As explained to the tabloid this resident of the English town of Blackburn, Lancashire, this outfit surf allowed him to “feel comfortable”.

“I don’t give up, really not too much skin because it is what makes me feel good,” she told the Sun. And adds:

“Some women feel more secure, they show their skin, while others feel more comfortable by using less.”

Top 20

Despite this selection, the young woman has managed to appear among the 20 participants selected.

“I have to be proud of, to me, also in the competition and I would never did something against my own morals,” said Aysha Khan quoted by the tabloid.

This is an optional step since 2010

Well, the parade was prohibited in bathing suits in the year 2010 under the steps of the competition can participate young women, if you want to participate in the contest ” Miss Beauty-the beach (Miss Beach Beauty).