In the cinema, a documentary about the photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri.

A documentary film will be screened in theaters from July 3 Gian Paolo Barbieri, man and beauty.

Documentary film director Emiliano Scatartzi (from a thread posted Federica Masin And Emiliano Scatartzi) and distributed by WANTED CINEMA, traces the life of the artist. It is produced by MOOVIE (in collaboration with the Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation and in partnership with 29 Arts in progress), sponsored by Leica Camera and produced by Irina Galli and Caterina Teoldi.

Documentary about Gian Paolo Barbieri

Through an intimate look at the world of Barbieri, one of the greatest Italian photographersthe documentary traces the era he witnessed.

Theater, cinema, art and the world of fashion, icons of culture and beauty that inspired and sanctified him. Valuable archival material, including images taken by Gian Paolo Barbieri during his 50 year careerimages and archival footage that trace his life, together with numerous testimonies from those who worked with him, reveal his quest for beauty, a life dedicated to photography.

From the beginning to the last years of his career

The documentary traces the life of Gian Paolo Barbieri, from start in Romepassing through Cinecitta and Paris. Beginning and consecration in the 70s, 80s and 90s, until the last few years, characterized by the birth of the Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation, old age and disease.

Minute by minute, masters Tom Cublin and Richard Avedon appear on the big screen, icons of culture and beauty (including Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Monica Belucci), theater and cinema, his great sources of inspiration from which he took juice, light, measurement. And then the fashion for which he became famous, including thanks to his father, the owner of a fabric store in the 1950s, who became the absolute heroes of his scenographic inspiration, allowing him to better understand Valentino, Versace, Ferret, Armani and others. great stylists.

The camera serves the emotions that the protagonist himself reveals in his stories. archival evidence testifies to a life dedicated to photography. Bodies, nature, women.

Despite an incurable illness, Gian Paolo today continues his creative path, even more inspired. A portrait between past and presentthe story of a man driven by passion, dotted with endless photographs of incomparable artistic value, always aiming at the search for beauty.

Main characters

The main characters of the documentary: Monica Bellucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Giuseppe Zanotti, Rita Airaghi, Nicola Erni, Martina Corgnati, Denis Curti, Maurizio Rebuzzini, Nikolaos Velisiotis, Benedetta Barzini, Ivana Bastianello, Marpessa Hennink, Emmanuele Randazzo, Eugenio Calini, Stefano Zarpellon . , Daniela Parolini and Mauro Mori.

Documentary Awards

The documentary is cited as Best Film Biopic Film Festival 2022 for the Audience Choice Award. At the Master of Art festival in Bulgaria, he became the winnerAward for Best Debut Art Documentary and this Special Award for Best Documentary in the photo category. He then took part in the Moritz Food Dog Festival in Barcelona.

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