In the fall, Microsoft will release not only Windows 11, but a major update for Windows 10

At first, no one thought that Microsoft would introduce Windows 11 this year – the company’s plans until recently included a major update for Windows 10 under the designation Windows 10 2H21 (codenamed Sun Valley). However, the volume of innovations in this update turned out to be so great that the company decided to change the serial number of its operating system. Instead of the “banal” update, Windows 10 2H21 debuted Windows 11. But Windows 10 2H21 will still be released.

When you upgrade to Windows 11, we will continue to support you in using Windows 10. In fact, we will release Windows 10 21H2 in the second half of 2021 with new updates to the current features …

In general, no one doubted that Microsoft will continue to update Windows 10 after the release of Windows 11, but now the big question is what the 2H21 update will be for this OS. Apparently, it will no longer be as large-scale as previously thought, but it will still be quite large. Windows 11 is expected to be released in November, in which case Windows 10 2H21 could be released in October.


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