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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker – Oscars 2022 Photo: Michael Baker/AMPAS

Travis Barkerdrummer Blink-182, was on tour in Europe when he had to return to the US due to family circumstances. After this news, the musician was seen with pregnant wife kourtney kardashianwhen they left the hospital. Photographs in an American magazine Page sixThe 47-year-old drummer and 44-year-old reality TV star were spotted leaving medical center in the Los Angeles area and get into the black SUV, next to which are the guards. In the footage, Kourtney is pregnant, so their presence there is not related to the pregnancy, but it is noted that these two are worried and have a gloomy look. But at the moment it is not known what the reasons for the alarm were.

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Travis Barker Hospital: Blink-182 European gigs rescheduled, what happened?

The observation took place the day after I Blink-182 they announced Twitter that they had to abruptly cancel their European tour due to the Barker family emergency. “Because of one urgent family business, Travis had to fly home to the US. …The performances in Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin will be postponed. Additional information regarding his return to Europe and rescheduled dates will be provided as soon as it becomes known.” The members of the group wrote Shortly after the news broke, the drummer posted his own Instagram story photo banner with the inscription “Together we praywhile in the prayer hall at Glasgow Airport. Despite requests for comment, Travis and Courteny have not responded yet or explain the situation.

Travis Barker

Photo. X @blink182

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Travis Barker & Courtney: Fan Support

The fans are standing everyone is praying and close to the couple in every possible way sending their support and affection through social networks, while not fully understanding what it is. Among the various people close to the couple is Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, who said she “prayed” for the rock star and his wife after hearing the news, 19-year-old Alabama and 17-year-old Alabama. “Obviously, whenever they have to cancel concerts, it’s a really big deal. I just pray that her next of kin, the baby, Kourtney and everyone else are safe and well,” she continued.

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