in the INSTITUTE I was diagnosed with influenza


One of the first decisions of the federal government, when Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office, was to cancel the insurance for major medical expenses for all workers in the State. Then, the demand for services in the ISSSTE grew up.

The deputy this is concerned, he said that, first hand, saw how the hospitals are already overwhelmed, when it just begins the Phase 2 of the epidemic by coronavirus.

“I am concerned, I saw, what I just saw. Is terrible, I see the staff with the best attitude. I see the doctors with all the will. Nurses shatter into a thousand pieces. But working with the nails, poor things. Do not have any elements. Do not have medications. I don’t see the facilities, I do not see the equipment for them, I don’t see the protocols. I didn’t see them,” he says.

The Chamber of Deputies decided this week to suspend all its activities in San Lazaro, after registering two positive cases. Meanwhile, the Senate will work this week in small groups at its headquarters in Reform.

1 to 3, you know the measures of each phase to the coronavirus

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