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Naomi Richitelli – Over the past decade, the reality of food and wine has undergone an extraordinary development to spread the real cult of cooking and good food: television programs, reality shows, books, entertainment reality, thus welcomed this type of incentive in their production, satisfying the interest of the public.
Even in the history of cinema and the small screen, there are several examples of audiovisual products inspired by the culinary and catering worlds, with varying implications: among the most recent is the film Menu with Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy.
However, it’s been about a year since the television series, initially not well known, achieved significant success by placing the vicissitudes of a historic Chicago family restaurant at the center of its story: Bearcreated, written and directed Christopher Storer.

TV series distributed Disney+ and produced FX Productionsmanaged to establish itself in the context of major modern series, appearing in 13 nominations for the next Emmy Awardsbut the main character Jeremy Allen White he has already distinguished himself by bringing the title of the series to the first place as Best Actor in the past golden globe, SAG Awards AND Critics’ Choice Awards.
Thus, after a year of recognition and recognition, the second season Bear available in Italy on Disney+ from 16 August, 10 episodes have already aired in the US.

Chicago. After the incredible and accidental discovery of a large sum of money found in cans of peeled tomatoes, Chef Carmi (Jeremy Allen White) decides to invest in relaunching the restaurant, starting sweeping changes that include more than just the structure and interior. menu, but also the professional training of their team.
What was “Chicago beef” will become “Bear” with the complicity of the meticulous Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), sister Natalie (Abby Elliott) and cousin Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach).
Carmi is determined to take the family restaurant to the next level by aiming for a Michelin star, but the transformation process is delicate and, again, involves everyone in intimate reflection on themselves.

The kitchen rhymes with the forge. And if a forge is, by definition, a place where individuals and minds of a certain category are forged, then we can say that kitchen Bear it is a forge of fragile souls, but also of willpower, thirsting for redemption.
In fact, if in the first season the series was focused on internal torment, loneliness, the difficulties of the main characters in establishing relationships with others, this second season talks about another collective stimulus, which is precisely the unionunderstanding the importance of teamwork and exchange.

The narrative, as in the first season, rests on one witty text with bright, witty dialogues, which outline the various protagonists with realism and naturalness that allow the viewer to feel understood, because the protagonists’ weaknesses and fears are also inherent in the viewers, causing a pleasant and necessary empathetic exchange.
Bear 2 it also takes on a more intense rhythm, conveying all the stress, as well as the enthusiasm, adrenaline of the stages leading up to the opening of the restaurant.

The writing and poignant introspective storytelling is definitely a strong point Bearbut the words, the feelings that Storer put into the script, are effectively brought to life by a cast that captivated audiences and critics from the first episode, even without the noise of pompous names.
So, in addition to Jeremy Allen White, performances by Ebon Moss-Bahrach, Ayo Edebiri, Lionel Boyesand then some of those pompous names also appear in the second season, Jamie Lee Curtis, Olivia Colman, Sarah Paulson, Bob Odericbut which are just the icing on the cake (staying on the culinary theme) of an already unique and precious ensemble.

Beargenerally, this is a deeply human, true and touchingin which the kitchen and its functioning is only an apparent goal, for the important people are those who intertwined and connected their lives in this kitchen, mixing not only the two, but also their dreams, past hopes and sufferings, creating the richest and most successful courses.

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