In the last months of pregnancy. Vasilisa Frolova starred completely naked

Frolova starred in a daring photo shoot (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian presenter Vasilisa Frolova starred completely naked in a new photoshoot.

Frolova, 42, who is currently waiting for her first child, appeared in fresh shots without clothes, showing a rounded tummy. The presenter of Radio NV shared pictures from the new photoset on Instagram.

Frolova commented on JetSetter, describing how she changed during pregnancy:

“I know for sure that pregnancy gives confidence, calm down-to-earthiness, immaterial formation in all spheres of life, gives spiritual comfort, which many people lack so much in these turbulent times. When I got pregnant, my priorities changed. I understood what is really important and what is secondary. This understanding gives me that calmness and confidence even in times like these. I find it funny when all my life they say “ but in our difficult time”, “well, not at the same time,” said the star.

Recall that Vasilisa Frolova had a coronavirus, as reported in a post on Instagram.