In the middle of the outbreak of the Corona -, Twitter-Tweet Misleading about Corona


TRIBUNPALU.COM – In the middle of a global pandemic Covid-19, in internet and in social media information about the disease caused by a corona virus widely used to fail.

Twitter also took the initiative to update its terms of use.

Microblogging platform, now they all go to capture the boom, which contain misleading information about the corona virus, have the potential to affect or increase the risk of infection.

In a tweet, Twitter explains what the chirp is prohibited. Among the criteria-the criteria for assessment there are three words.

First, tweets contain information that is contrary to the advice of health professionals, for example, said that “social distance is effective”. To err second, tweets, lawyer, drug, or precautions, such as you drinking liquid bleach.

Last tweet the information, or erroneous information, so as if it are banned by experts or authorities, also.

Twitter users caught uploading chirp kinds of this will be sent notification by e-mail and required to delete the tweets, in the context or in the appeal. While in the process, the tweets are hidden to the public.

“So we came to the conclusion that the tweets, the remove is against the rules of Twitter, the interferer must, before Twitter can upload it again,” wrote Twitter in a guide to their use.

To keep track of disinformation in its network, Twitter apply the “content-identify severity-triage-system”, and reports by users and to remove chirp misleading.

Earlier, as compiled KompasTekno from TechCrunch, Saturday (21/3/2020), Twitter said a lot more you rely on automatic systems and machine learning, on the hunt for tweets offender, but throws a lot of false target