In the midst of the strong rumors of rupture What actually happens with Scott Disick and Sofia Richie?


A unique source of E! News explains what really happens between the couple?

After that Scott Disick got out of rehab this month, there was speculation that the couple of a long time had been separated after that Sofia outside view on several occasions without his beloved boyfriend. In photos of paparazzi taken this week, the model 21 came out with a few friends that TMZ said that they had stayed in Malibu, away from Scott.

However, a source told E! News what’s really going on between the ex Kourtney Kardashian and the young model.

In the beginning, and before the first speculation, it was confirmed that there was relationship of the entrepreneur and the model is pretty good, since Richie had been given the task to give unconditional support to Scott, but apparently things have changed a little.

Watch the video and find out all the details.