In the morning, on the sidewalk of Puerto Rico


Edward Vincent

19:58 • 29 jun. 2020

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In the morning, they had the the scent of star anise, and brandythe tobacco it would form a cloud at the door of the bar, forming a scene that is strictly male. In that corner, and that the pavement was a place of refuge for the men, from the break of dawn, when he began with the hustle and bustle of the alhóndiga, announcing a new day.

In the morning you can drink a glass on the bar, as on the day they went to consume in as little as six hours, in the morning, frantic about the business, tempraneros, the price that they were singing in a loud voice to sellers in a hurry and the car filled with the green scent of the vega. The days are held for the long life in the The Market square.

Now, we will witness that the universe was an ocean liner for the the bar in Puerto Ricowith its wide driveway, open on three sides, where there used to be living a life parallel to the life of the street. At the door, and on the pavement of Puerto Rico, there were always men waiting fortalking, talking to each other. Fifty years ago, to the time he walked on more slowly, and the door of the cafes, the fashion, the life has been interrupted for a few moments, in the heat of a get-together, and a a cup of coffee.

On the pavement of Puerto Rico, there were always men to be waiting for you with his arms crossed. They waited for the others, just so that the river of life, and if you go through on, as it had been happening for decades, and with the same certainty and with the same caution you that the times were tumbling on the clock. The fashions might change, the city could move the city to a new city councilman, but and that never changed was the routine in the morning that smelled like coffee, brandy and star anise and sweat for the male.

There were women who, when they went on the way to the Square, and sought the sidewalk, so as not to feel observed by the eyes of men,. There was a corner in which one of the testosterone, a pale, at times, due to the presence of children in the parábamos to see a movie at night, projected on to the in Modern cinema. For a long time, in the front of the bar in Puerto Rico and the suspension of the the frame of the filmwhere was shaping up to be a movie, a letter for art that’s inviting to her. Below the title, put the thing in ‘Tolerable for kids’ if it was for the public at large. Sometimes, just by looking at the title or watch the bulletin for the children, we already knew that the movie was good, or if it was a real pain in the ass. In those days the best were the shots of the action, the adventure, and the worst of these were the love, the tears, and the ones that invite us to think about.

The walk to the bar in Puerto Rico was a stepping-stone in the life of. It can be said without fear of exaggerating, that it was more atmosphere in your front door, on the inside of the property. Ever since four in the morning, the time that it opened its doors, life does not stop at the corner, prime the The Rambla of the Bishop Orberá.

It had a strategic location, in front of the the door of the Alhóndiga, and the Central Market (mercado Central and in front of the The Theatre Of Apollo. The front of ‘Puerto Rico,’ if he saw it since the The port of Purchenawith its huge awning to prevent the sun, with its welcoming sidewalk is always full of men. The hotel’s privileged location and its popularity, were the reasons that led to the the board of club Atlético de Almería to install it in a corner of the establishment temporary headquarters of the club at the time of the 1950’s.

The bar was open in the year prior to the the civil warthen, in the hands of the entrepreneur Augustine Haro Car. On the second floor, there used to be a business, which also took the name of Puerto Rico and, in this case, a well-known inn that was open until the end of the sixties, where they were going to stop by many of the people who came to the city.

After the war, the bar continued to belong to Augustine’s graphic novel, which had for a few years, until it was filled in the business, and you have surpassed them. The founder of the hotel ‘Porto Rico’ and if I should get tired of the close scrutiny of the prosecutor’s office was established on the property owners, in the time of restrictions and shortages. In this case, the friendly, the bar changed hands and was managed for a time by the siblings Nicholas and Christopher Castlethe historical owners of the the restaurant, the Imperial.

The ‘Porto Rico’ are entrepreneurs Manuel Aranda and Rafael Square Guiradothen, in the mid-fifties, who was Manuel Luque Garcia. The family of Luque has kept the facility open until the final closing in the year 1988.

The Luque, who carried on the tradition of the opening at four in the morning to have breakfast in the Central Market (mercado Central and the sidewalks filled with men, prospective clients, and cross your arms specialists in the office to look at. Also, potenciaron system covers by installing a iron it has become famous all over the city, and by services-home.


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