In the Netherlands a kit is sold to infect coronavirus

These kits were delivered to the homes of each buyer and were sold at a price of 33.50 euros ($ 37.64) per unit.

On the website, a dose of liquid infected with the deadly virus was sold, for each person to inject. In addition, the kit included an antigen test to verify that the buyer managed to contract the disease.

In the event that contagion was not achieved, the person who acquired the kit could demand a second package at a lower price, to achieve the effective contagion of coronavirus. They also had detailed instructions on the use of the infected substance.

The idea of ​​the anti-vaccine rebels, they argued, It arose from the measures of the Dutch government, in which they restricted the transit and access to public places, to those citizens who are not vaccinated.

To access public spaces, health authorities require people to have a QR code, which is obtained in two ways: to be vaccinated or to have been infected with coronavirus.

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Thus, a group of anti-vaccine fundamentalists had the ingenious idea to sell these self-infecting kits.

Therefore, the people who acquired it later reported that they had the virus and thus managed to obtain the QR code to access public sites, without having to be vaccinated.

This type of anti-vaccine movement actions occur within the framework of growing concern throughout Europe about a possible “fourth wave” of coronavirus.

To this is precisely added the radicalization of broad social sectors that refuse to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, something that generates conflict for the political and health authorities of the continent.

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