In the race for the Seagull in the Vineyard, and the award, and did not want to give it to Shakira


“The first point in the competition. Country: Colombia And Bolivia. The title of the song: ‘you Are’. Music and lyrics by: Shakira”. With this introduction he began the journey of a star for Colombia She is on the stage of the Quinta Vergara the traditional seat of the competition in the chilean city.

The hair is black, and one is still inexperienced in the way of singingthe talented artist is out to take it all in with one of his first compositions, “you’re amazing, crazy ideas are rare, very original… Just buy the one song, today it is almost unknown, but the symbolic), and included on their second album, “Magic.”

The two times that She sang the theme for that year’s festival. But it didn’t have any luck. It was on the third one, and so did not lead to the long awaited Pedal-Silver. With the win, “In questo mondo”, the Italian Claudio Cirimele, it just happened. Three years later, that a shy participant has returned to the Vineyard, but we should have been as a star of the international.

A platform for the dissemination

Twenty-seven years ago and in that contest, which was carried out in such a scenario, and in February of 1960, and still stands, although it will inevitably be obscured by the star guest that is, the out-of-competition, they come every year to sing along to their greatest hits.

“The Seagull is a minor. What turns me off to this festival is like no one else I know, I know, is really a reaction to the honest people, because I know that monster is the Vine, so to speak, to the public, I have been able to react, or superbien, or supermal. If you don’t feel like I’m going to tell you,” says the Eff, also a colombian, Paula Arenas, and the player who has the song, “Good-for-nothing”.

The barranquillera the architect of hits like “La tortura”, and “Waka-waka” is one of the the candidates for the international competition of this year’s jnext, with five other artists from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, colombia, Venezuela, and Chile.

The venezuelan people Manu Manzo it recognizes that to get to the Quinta Vergara, this is a “dream time” for her, I am convinced that, win or don’t win, the fact that it is already at a premium.

“To be able to show off your music and open the door to an audience as large as a profit,” he says.

And the fact is that some of the 15,000 people who come to the public have to be added to the millions of people in the different countries, to see the play through to the tv.

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The empowerment of women, social posts, and love

In addition to the usual themes of love, the the empowerment of women, and social posts in these confusing times they are part of the lyrics of the songs by the participants of this editionthat will be given to the interpreter is the winner, in addition to the Gull of Silver, and over 26,000 dollars for it.

“We are representing the of this of Chile agreed to, and refounded on 18 October (the date of the beginning of the country’s strong protest against social inequality,” said Vicente Cifuentes, and that the 30-year-old has written four albums, and the winner of the Prize Pressing on for the Best new Artist and Tropical, in the year 2018.

You Will Be Stating?

In the 60 years of the competition, in addition to the Video, many of the artists, which passes through the resort community of Viña del Mar, has brought them good luck.

In the case of the chilean Alberto Plaza –it was the third in 1991 (e Cinthia Parra, who won this edition of the Italian Paolo Meneguzzo, in triumph, in 1996, “the Second, “aryan”.

But on the whole, the world is a question of when, after a 23-year-old She will be back to lead for the first time ever, a Seagull, the “monster” it also requires a surrender to the stars, who are invited to your liking, it’s still not helping.

“It would be an honor, truly awesome. I would love to go back because you Came to mean so much to me, it is inextricably linked to my own beginnings. It would be a lot of nostalgia, but a nostalgia for good,” said the well-known singer from the portal, and Now, the News at the end of 2016.

The protest, which was this past Sunday, in the immediate vicinity of the Quinta Vergara, led to delay one day the start of the competition in this issue to have, but if all goes well, Friday will tell who is the favorite in Viña del Mar, in the year 2020.


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