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Fernando Medori credits more than three decades devoted to music, especially the guitar, his passion since he was 13 years old, under the influence of his mother (piano teacher) and his father, a music lover.

On November 10, Medori had the double pleasure of doing a concert in one of the rooms of the Rivadavia Library, with the addition that the audio of the show was recorded and uploaded to Spotify.

In dialogue with the drafting from THE COMPASS 24, the artist proudly confirmed that this is the first recital in the historic building on Avenida Colón to be uploaded to this musical platform, which guarantees a diffusion that has no limits in a globalized world like the one we live in.

Fernando Medori on stage.

Medori played 15 songs of his own production and by renowned artists, with a repertoire that went through different styles: from popular flamenco, milonga, chacarera, tango and romantic interpretations, in all cases with arrangements by the guitarist himself.

Attracted by artists of the stature of Cacho Tirao and, to a lesser extent, Paco de Lucía and Eduardo Falú, the current 52-year-old musician has 9 released albums and six video clips, to which this special recognition is now added with the recital filmed and uploaded to Spotify.

As a next goal, Medori said that while he has had the opportunity to be interviewed and take his music to national programs, he hopes to spread the art that he is passionate about throughout the country.

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