In the second season of Quantum Leap, the Manifesto actor appeared in the cast after the show ended on Netflix.

Melissa Roxburgh, known for her role in Manifesto, has joined the cast of the second season of Quantum Leap as a guest star in the first episode. The Quantum Leap season 2 premiere includes a tense opening scene. Roxburgh’s signing adds excitement to the return of Quantum Leap and could be a tribute to viewers who missed the recently ended Manifesto.

The second season of Quantum Leap, which premieres October 4 on NBC, will continue the trend of attracting memorable guest actors. In its first episode, the revival welcomed former This Is Us members such as Justin Hartley, Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll, and Superman actor Brandon Routh.

This trend will continue into the second season of Quantum Leap, with Melissa Roxburgh joining the cast. Roxburgh, best known for her role as Michaela Stone on Manifesto, is credited as a guest star in the season two premiere. According to TVLine, he will join actors Fran├žois Arnault, Aaron Abrams and PJ Byrne, who will also appear in the same episode.

Roxburgh’s hiring announcement, which took place during the Saturday panel at San Diego Comic-Con, was accompanied by footage from the first eight minutes of the second season. In the video, the protagonist Ben (played by Raymond Lee) was unable to return home as suggested in the Quantum Leap Season 1 finale. Instead, Ben is found in the body of a man named Perez. He’s on a 1978 plane flying somewhere over Russia. Cut off from communication with his team, Ben must make the jump on his own.

Perez’s team, played by Roxburgh, Arno, Abrams and Byrne, is part of the Air Force. According to TVLine, they are tasked with “moving the mystery box to New Delhi”. But the plane is shot down by missiles before they can reach their destination. However, the big box seems to be very important as Roxburgh’s character risks his life to keep it safe before the plane explodes. Ben’s life is also in danger in this opening scene.

This is once again a dramatic situation on the plane to Roxburgh, who faced many of these situations during her time on Manifesto. It’s a smart signing that adds excitement to Quantum Leap’s return. It could also be a tribute to viewers who weren’t ready for the end of the hit Netflix supernatural drama, which aired its last episode last June.

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