In the series “Il Gattopardo” also Gigi Simanella from Castelvetrano: “I felt like I was living in a fairy tale”

The filming of the film recently wrapped up in Rome. new mini-series in six episodes “Il Gattopardo”. The prestigious American magazine Variety gave the following definition: “Netflix’s most ambitious project in Italy” which will be, at least for critics, a worldwide success. The authors were inspired by the famous 1963 film of the same name by Luchino Visconti with Burt Lancaster in the role of the prince of Salina Don Fabrizio Corbera. Next to him are the charming young Claudia Cardinale as Angelica, daughter of Don Calogero Sedara, mayor of Donnafugata, and the beautiful Alain Delon as Tancredi, the prince’s nephew.

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  • The events are well known, at least to those who have read the book of the same name. Book by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa or for those who saw Visconti’s film, which, moreover, in an updated version, was broadcast on the evening of August 15 on the Rai Uno channel. Almost the entire story, which takes place in Sicily 1860, revolves around what has been defined as the marriage of the century between the beautiful Angelica and Tancredi. In the new mini-series we play the role of a prince. Kim Rossi Stewartand the role of Angelica was entrusted to an eighteen-year-old girl Virgo, daughter of Monica Bellucci and French actor Vincent Cassel.

    The main characters also include: Francesco Colella who plays the role of Don Calogero, Saul Nanni as Tancredi Benedetta Porcaroli as Concetta, Tancredi’s cousin and lover of him, Paolo Calabresi, Astrid Meloni AND Greta Esposito. The production team began filming scenes on April 27 in Palermo, Syracuse and Catania, precisely in order to recreate the setting of that particular historical period. She then moved to Rome, where other scripted scenes were filmed from June 27 to September 7.

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  • Supporting actors also include: Gigi Simanella from Castelvetrano, who has been nurturing his new passion for acting for several years now. We saw this in “Forum” with Barbara Palombelli AND in the film Confidential by Daniele Luchetti with Isabella Ferrari. We will soon see him again as in the TV series. “Sicilian Lions” by Paolo GenoveseNear Michele Riondino (Young Inspector Montalbano), the first episode of which will air October 25th on Disney+both in this new “The Leopard” on Netflix.

    “Since I decided to grow a beard and lengthen my now gray hair, I was entrusted with the roles of purely historical figures. The opportunity to act alongside actors of the caliber of Rossi Stewart and Deva Cassel filled me with pride. It seemed to me that I was living in a fairy tale that can only be seen in a dream. In between one take and another, once for Deva, another for Kim, tired of standing, I left free the space on the sofa that I occupied in my scenes. It brought out emotions in me that I know I will never be able to experience again. Finding myself immersed in such a fascinating historical context, in these ostentatiously luxurious clothes worn by important aristocrats and upper middle class people (the role I occupied was that of one of them), and in places visibly decorated with friezes and paintings of great value, it was something truly unique and magical. The most suitable locations for reproducing the actual filming locations were identified in the luxurious halls: Palazzo Brancaccio, Teatro del Opera, Grand Hotel Plaza, Palazzo Rondinini and Chiesa del Gesù. “, all in Rome. I experienced another great thrill when, to reach these final three destinations, the whole team and I walked along Via del Corso, starting at the “Accademia de Bellas Artes” where we got our hair and makeup done, dressed in our period clothes. A real relief for the many tourists who throng the important Roman artery every day, amazed and amazed by this unexpected parade. Many of us, especially foreign tourists, were asked to take photos with them as a souvenir. To be chosen on August 18th from among the one hundred and thirty figures that the Prince approached in the parade behind the bride and groom as they left the church at the end of the wedding ceremony was truly something I never could have imagined. could happen. I acted, improvising lines, praising him for the excellent outcome of the wedding. Kim, always improvising, asked me (on stage) about my wife’s health.

    An unexpected joke, since it was not agreed upon, which, I admit, took me by surprise. The director told me that the prince would only stop to greet me. Fortunately, accustomed to improvisation, I did not lose heart and replied, thanking him that my wife had recovered and was sitting a few benches further along with friends. I received compliments from colleagues, directors and producers for my ease as an actor. In addition, I was able to attend the filming of scenes at the Opera, where I and the other participants, always dressed in period costumes, were able to listen to “Va, pensiero” from Verdi’s “Nabucco” performed by a real chorus of professionals dressed as Jewish prisoners of Babylon. accompanied by a real orchestra, also consisting of real musicians. All this is included in a choreographic context that accurately reflects the original locations. Working alongside one of the best English directors like Tom Shankland made me feel privileged and lucky. For all this I have to thank the entire casting team of Antonio Spoletini, who chose me from two thousand candidates.

    I also have to express my sincere gratitude to Pupi Avati (with Gigi in the photo, ed.), who inspired me to continue this acting experience during a recent phone call.” says Simanella.

    The editors, congratulating our compatriot, hope to see him in other important cinematic and television contexts, in which Gigi will certainly be able to continue to express all his multifaceted artistic creativity.

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