In the studio of Quarter 95. Alexander Ellert spoke in an interview about his acquaintance with Vladimir Zelensky

Alexander Ellert and Ksenia Mishina (Photo:

The winner of the show The Bachelor, author in Quarter 95 Alexander Ellert became a new participant in the show The Interviewer.

The host of the show Anatoly Anatolich told about this on his Instagram page.

“ We have a new Ze Interviewer on the channel. Alexander Ellert is the winner of the Bachelor show. The author of the studio 95 Kvartal. And just a cool dude, ”he wrote.

“ In a frank interview, Ellert spoke about the cardinal changes in life before and after the project, admitted when he fell in love with the Ukrainian Bachelor, whether there were certain scenes only for the show, and whether the Bachelor Ksenia Mishina would appear on YouTube,” the description to the video.

The presenter answered many questions of interest to the audience – about the friendship of the daughter and son of Ksenia Mishina, a date in the desert, about a pair of tattoos, and why he did not introduce Mishina to his parents.

Ellert also told when he met Vladimir Zelensky, and how this meeting influenced his move to Kiev. “Six years ago I came to Comedian Laugh, won the super game, and stood there, waiting for the paperwork. Vladimir Alexandrovich came up and said: “Are you writing yourself?” “Themselves”. “Well, let’s call you in a week.” It was 2014, I moved to a friend in Kharkov. I did not believe that they would really call. And a week later they called us and invited us for an internship in the Kvartal, ”Ellert said.