In the summer of 2023 there will be more than 600 guests at the holiday home Pinarella di Cervia.  In the first year there was no plastic in the reception area.

The Holiday Home of the Republic of San Marino in Pinarella di Cervia will end its activities in 2023, having established itself among the most important territorial centers of aggregation and reception for all age groups. In fact, in 7 shifts organized from June 4 to September 9, 2023, the facility hosted more than 600 guests, to whom ISS patients and non-residents of San Marino had access. In particular, the structure has confirmed its fundamental educational role, continuing to operate for more than 30 years, accepting 240 minors into its premises. The role of social welfare is also important: over the summer it welcomed 118 people with disabilities. Numerous external groups linked to Italian associations also found refreshment in the Pinarella di Cervia establishment, with a total capacity of 96 people. Also important are the moments of aggregation, such as the days associated with the visits of guests of Casale la Fiorina, Colore del Grano and the “Radio Tutti” project, in total more than 78 guests. Also important is the number of young girls and boys from San Marino who have chosen to work in this structure as teachers: a total of 59 people working in 7 shifts, who have added important work experience to their training programs. Visits of His Excellency the Captains Regents Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini, and the Bishop of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro His Excellency Andrea Turazzi, which took place on July 27 and 5 in the presence of the Minister of Health Mariella Mularoni. September, as always, brightened the activities of the Holiday Home, making us feel the closeness of the institutions. This summer, Colonia di Pinarella di Cervia also paid special attention to its environmental impact, changing some of its characteristics to become completely plastic-free in its first year. No more plastic glasses and bottles, disposable plates and cutlery unless they are compostable. “The Pinarella di Cervia holiday home represents for many people in San Marino a place full of memories and intensive educational experiences passed on from generation to generation,” states Secretary of State Mariella Mularoni. In this house we concretely experience a wonderful example of our traditions, which harmoniously combines the energy of younger generations, the experience of older people and the fragility of those who live through individual moments of their lives. Therefore, I can only reaffirm on behalf of the government our full commitment and support for enhancing the value of this entity.” “Once again, the structure led by the Institute of Social Security demonstrates that it provides an excellent service that is valued by many citizens of San Marino, allowing them to spend their holidays or give their children a very useful educational experience,” states Director General Francesco Bevere. “I also want to emphasize the importance that the Pinarella holiday home has from a well-being point of view, allowing the elderly and disabled to experience moments of happiness in an environment different from the structures to which they belong.”

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