In this spending its million Mark Wahlberg, the actor best paid


This year, Mark Wahlberg was established, by the Forbes magazineas the highest paid actor in the world, with $ 68 million as gross income per year.

You surprise know that exceeds by $ 42 million to the best actress in a paid of the yearEmma Stone, the protagonist of The Land.

Its 46 years, Mark is in the first position of the ranking of Forbesthanks to their shares as Cade Yeager, in Transformand his role as Dusty Mayron, in the sequel of the comedy Parents by desigual, which will be released next month of November.

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“The american actor has a fixed offset, that is to say, gets benefits even when the movies it is not going well”, declared in 2017 experts Forbes magazine.

It should be noted that the magazine estimated earnings before taxes and fees of representatives, also includes movies in film and televisionand ads commercial.

Forbes said that the 10 highest paid actors, among them Mark Wahlberg, had combined revenues by 488.5 billion more than 172.5 million earned by the 10 actresses with the best remuneration. Without a doubt, the wage gap between the two genres it is huge.

Forbes attributed the disparity to the prevalence of movies superheroes and action with greater success in the box office for studies of Hollywood. Eo explains why Mark Wahlberg took the number one spot.

Mark is young and handsome and also has a good million in your pocket, but on what he spends? In our gallery you say it.

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