In Velvet Shorts, Alexa Dellanos Is Surprised in the Kitchen by a Friend

Alexa Dellanos.

Model Kinsey Wolanski posted a short video on TikTok that has caused a sensation for showing the two influencers at an unexpected moment

Alexa Dellanos has surprised her fans with a video, only this time she has not published it, but her good friend Kinsey Wolanski, the American model who specializes in making jokes and attracting attention. In the clip shared on TikTok (and which has now almost seven million views) Alexa is in the kitchen washing dishes, wearing velvet jacket shorts, but unexpectedly Kinsey arrives and hits her rear.

Myrka Dellanos’ daughter has had a great time in Puerto Rico, and once again showed her love for cars, posing in a photo she posted on Instagram that shows her wearing a tight white bra with which she showed off her attributes.


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Alexa Dellanos already has more than three million followers on that social network, and a few days ago she revealed that her favorite place to vacation during the summer is the south of France. Another surprise he gave is that he is passionate about cryptocurrencies, which is why he has invested in bitcoin on the stock market.


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