Inbilico and Nov25 in the footsteps of De Beers and DiCaprio-Corriere.IT

Permanent Diamonds and Silver. from this formula Two Maids of Milan to take on the challenge of innovating in Italian jewellery. These are called Inbilico and 25 November, The first, Small, is a company that has integrated sustainability into its identity and that uses only lab-grown diamonds, certified gold, recycled packaging, with jewelry made in the Valencia district. The second has specialized in silver since 2005 and thanks to a revolutionary distribution model, when compared to classic jewelery standards with single-brand stores in Europe and international distribution: everything goldsmith of the thousand square meters. Comes from the workshop of Madonina. The collection, instead called Inbilico w/Nov25, consists of three “solo” earrings and is definitely aimed at a younger audience, attentive to changing trends and with a notable sensitivity to environmentally and socially relevant issues. are with
The message is clear: The time has come, even for such a traditional field, to review some of the game’s fundamentals. In the meantime, «collaborate and discuss, as is done more and more often in areas close to us, for example fashion – begins November 25 founder Roberto DiBenedetto -. We met Inbilico a few months ago at the Vicenza Gold Fair. We felt ready for a diamond project, and cultured stones were an avenue we considered». The meeting with Fiametta Cicogna, also an actress and director, and Manuela Picciotto, the creative soul of Inbilico (which belongs to the Otto company), led to a shared work, starting from the design of the jewelry, to reach the final message. ,Cicogna points out that cultured diamond represents a unicum in terms of technology and sustainability – but still suffers from a significant resistance. Union with silver makes sense precisely because it can break down this barrier and expand the user base.


Lab-born diamonds are stones that have the same physical and chemical properties as those mined.The creation begins with pieces selected on the basis of their purity and with the help of high temperatures authentic diamonds are born, appraised and certified with uniform parameters. The process lowers the cost – economic and social – of mining, shortening the supply chain, but remains very expensive in terms of the energy used and the technology deployed. This is the reason why both houses have envisioned spherical packaging for capsules from the point of view of compensation. At the end of the process, however, the price is lower than that of a natural diamond. ,In Italy there is no laboratory for the cultivation of diamonds – Cicogna explains again -. We source from Spain, France and Belgium and all these labs use only renewable energy,

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Undoubtedly better known abroad than in our country, according to some estimates the market for farmed diamonds is growing by 15% year on year and could reach 10-17 million carats produced by 2023. Increasing attention of jewelery houses: i.n Italy Morelato offered him the Livediamond brand, Pandora has its own collection, Swarovski too, while the giant De Beers already controls 75% of world production through Element SixIn which he got the majority. The company also hopes to produce the stones for use in quantum computers being developed by Amazon Web Services, as the crystal chips use synthetic diamonds that have semiconducting properties. The American Diamond Foundry is also involved in the sector, with actor Leonardo DiCaprio being one of the main investors.And which has bet on Spain to set up in Extremadura what will become the largest laboratory in Europe.
The diamond foundry also collaborates with UAE brand Attica Jewels and sells its diamonds directly to consumers through the Warai brand, which last September opened a showroom in London in the renowned Mayfair arts and luxury district. while Lvmh, through its private equity venture Luxury Ventures, infused capital into Lusix, an Israeli manufacturer,
The Inbilico W/Nove25 collection will be sold across both the brands’ physical and online channels and across a range of markets, spanning across borders, from Europe to Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. « We do not have a time frame by which to evaluate the goodness of the project: we also want to create culture on the subject, and position ourselves as pioneers of a new era of jewelry – concludes DiBenedetto – As of 25 November we are also thinking of a second line with cultured diamonds and gold, an area that until now we addressed only in personalized jewelry».

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