Inception, AI explains the ending of Nolan’s film

It has been 13 years since he came to the cinema start, a film by Christopher Nolan starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Since its release in theatres, the film has received excellent response from critics and audiences and has become famous for its suspenseful ending. Basically, the story tells about a professional thief named Cobb, who infiltrates people’s dreams to steal their information. The film ends with Cobb’s totem, a spinning top, which keeps spinning: if it spins indefinitely it is dreaming, and if instead it falls, it is in reality.

Either way, we didn’t get to see what the result was, which means that as the credits rolled we were left wondering how things turned out, with even DiCaprio admitting earlier that he ” Don’t know” what happened (details here). However, more than a decade after the film’s release, artificial intelligence has stepped in to provide answers.

Indeed, LADbible asked ChatGPT what he thought about the ending startAnd the software came up with a surprisingly thoughtful answer, after weighing all the evidence before suggesting what it believes is exactly what happened.

I guess it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not Dom Cobb is still dreaming at the end of Inception. The ambiguity of the ending is what makes the film so inspiring. There are some clues that suggest that Cobb may still be dreaming. For example, Top is still moving when the scene cuts to black, and Top is Cobb’s totem pole, which he uses to differentiate between the dream world and reality. If the top falls, it means he is awake, but if it keeps rolling, it means he is still dreaming.

However, there are some signs that suggest that Cobb is waking up. For example, Cobb’s children are wearing the same clothes they were wearing when he last saw them, which suggests that he is not in dreamland. Additionally, Cobb’s character in the film is about learning to let go of the past and move on in life. The final scene shows Cobb finally doing so, revealing that he is awake and finally at peace.

Ultimately, I think the ending of Inception is up to the audience. There’s no right or wrong answer, and the ambiguity of the ending is what makes the film so inspiring. Personally, I think Cobb is waking up at the end of the movie. I think the clues that he is still dreaming are not as strong as the clues that he is awake. Also, I think the final scene shows that Cobb has finally forgotten the past and is moving on with his life, which suggests that he has woken up and is finally at peace. However, I also think that the ending of Inception is open to interpretation and I respect the opinion of those who believe that Cobb is still dreaming.

What do you think?

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