Increase 29 people, the total death rate Covid-19 in the United States 582 soul page all


WASHINGTON, DC, – In the last 24 hours, the number of the victims died as a result of the Covid-19 rose in the United States of America ( USA) by 29 persons.

This addition makes the whole number of deaths in the country, “Uncle Sam” was a 582 soul.

Meanwhile, the patient recovered amounted to 295 people, according to data from Worldometers.

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Then, the data from the Johns Hopkins be-University, is reached, the number of cases in the United States 46.371 until Tuesday (24/3/2020).

New York City recorded the number of deaths is the highest with up to 125 people, followed by 87 of the victims, King, Washington; 35 others in the state of New York; and 20 people in Orleans, Louisiana.

The existence of the personal protection equipment (PPE), dilution

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday (22/3/2020), warned that the supply of the essential devices are released in the hospital again in a couple of days.

The city bears the nickname “the Big Apple” recorded cases Covid-19, the highest of confirmed in the United States of America (USA).

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Bill de Blasio said that the ranks at the city hospital, are now on the threshold.

“To be honest, we are about 10 days longer, to keep a lack of the ventilator (respirator), surgical masks, the things that are necessary, to hospital systems,” said de Blasio CNN, quoted by the news Agency AFP.

The man, born in Manhattan, New York, also President of Donald Trump appealed to mobilize the military in the promotion of the production and distribution of medical supplies needed.

“If we don’t get more fans in the next 10 days, people should die, will die. As simple as that,” he said.

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The scarcity of PSA was also of the opinion, in the emergency room of Los Angeles.

The doctor is given a box of masks expired, and if you try, the attachment of the elastic was broken.

If the supply of masks is used up, the staff should replace it with a bandana or scarf.

With cases rising, doctors, nurses, and medical staff line of the front of the other in the United States face a shortage of PPE in the fight for to save her patients.

As a result, dozens of health personnel others across the country who are sick, and hundreds have been forced to run the quarantine have.

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Prepare the government medical stations

The US government not to mention the problems this complicated.

President Donald Trump on Sunday (22/3/2020) said that he had ordered the establishment of a station of a medical emergency in the three regions.

Station for medical emergencies is it a total capacity of 4,000 beds, which has its headquarters in New York, California and Washington DC.

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Eight stations in California, 2,000 beds, and four stations in New York and Washington DC and have a total of 1,000 beds.

In his press conference, Trump has said the Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) asked the medical station.

“We are in a war, in the truest sense, we are in a war,” said US President Donald Trump with the company, quoted AFP.

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The White house also promises there will be 27 million test kits corona-virus are available for patients at the end of March 2020.

More than 10 million test kits have been laboratories are distributed nationwide in the first two weeks in March, said Assistant Minister of Health of the United States, Brett Giroir, in his press conference.

“We promise 1 to 4 million, there are 10 million (tool) test on the market right now,” said Giroir, quoted The New York Post. He indicated that 17 million other be at the end of the month.

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