Increase the numbers daily of coronavirus in Spain: 5.252 new cases and 585 dead


The number of positive cases total amounts to 188.068 across the country.

The figures that have been announced by the Ministry of Health of Spain indicates that the new confirmed cases of coronavirus are 5.252 in the last day, so that it reaches the total number of 188.068 positive cases.

Simon has explained that during the next few days there will be a adaptation to new data they are getting, including the new test serological that is being done, and that detect people who have experienced the disease, although they have already been cured.

With respect to the deceased, the spokesman of the Ministry, Fernando Simon, has estimated that in the last day, there have been 585 deaths related to the new disease, which would increase the total count to 19.715 deaths around the country.

More confusion there is around the number of recovered, since the different regions in spain are conducting counts in various ways, so that Simon has not dared to give a precise figure in this regard.

The battle of the figures

Since the crisis began of the coronavirus in Spain the Government offers daily data referred to all of the Autonomous Communities. Include patients who have tested positive after undergoing a test diagnostic (generally, the PCR test). These confirmed cases are mostly patients who have been hospitalizedbecause it is in this area where they have made most of the test until the time.

Until last week, the department of Health reported that were between 15,000 and 20,000 tests per day, while that from the latter has been expanded until reaching the 40.000 PCRwhich is why it is expected that an increase in the number of confirmed cases daily during the next few days.

Also, everyday Health provides the number of deaths, using the same criterion, that is to say, the deaths of people who had given positive in a diagnostic test. Although this figure may include some who died in nursing homes who performed the test, the majority of these deaths in facilities for seniors do not count in the official figures, then, is the evidence in these centers have been very scarce.

Impossible to know the number of deaths

The shortage in the number of test has made it impossible to date to know what is the real number of deaths directly related to the infection caused by the novel coronavirus.

The UN warns of

The paradigmatic case is that of the nursing homes. According to the data provided by the various territories, it is estimated that these facilities have been produced more than 10,000 deaths directly related to the covid-19, although this information not included in the computation of official.

In the Community of Madrid, from the 8th of march there have been 6.056 deaths in these centres, of which, according to the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, 4.953 are directly related to coronavirus infection. In the case of Cataloniahave died in this type of facilities 1.810 elderlywhile 5.229 have tested positive and other 7.069 have symptoms compatible with the disease.

The lethality below the environment

With the data known to date, the lethality (number of deaths in relation to the number of confirmed cases) of the disease in Spain stands at 10.5 %according to has moved this morning Simon. Although this is a high figure, is located below most of the countries of their environment.

Thus, the fatality rate in Italy stood at 16 %, in France 13 %, in the Uk at 13 %, in Belgium at 13.2 % and in the Netherlands at 11.1 %. In this sense, Germany it is the country that departs significantly from the average, with a fatality rate well below that of their neighbors: 2.55 %.

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