Increased Use of the Term “Crack” Among Young People in Zihuatanejo – El Sol de Acapulco

Psychologist Leslie Narváez Castrejón, director of the Center for Youth Integration (CIJ), announced that so far this year, An increase in crack use among young people in the city was foundtherefore Parents please pay attention to this issue.

The synthetic drug, which wreaks havoc on people’s health, has become more prevalent in cities than marijuana, This was most common in previous years.

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2023 to present, Youth Integration Center Approximately 198 patients have been treated men and women; Using cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco.

Patients who cannot receive treatment due to complex or progressive disease will be referred to inpatient departments as the case may be. It is located in the Diamante area of ​​the port of Acapulco.

consumption This substance can cause chronic pain Throat, bronchitis, breathing problems, weight loss, stroke, sweating, high blood pressure, and hoarseness.

This cocaine variant is characterized by its immediate and potentially fatal effects, so parents they should take care of their children Seek professional help if you notice some warning signs.

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