“Increases endurance.” Pavlik’s pregnant wife showed a picture in a swimsuit and talked about the benefits of swimming

Victor Pavlik with his wife Katerina (Photo: instagram.com/repyahovakate)

The wife of Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, his concert director Yekaterina Repyakhova is actively preparing for the birth of her first child.

Repyakhova, 26, announced on her Instagram page that she was in her 20th week of pregnancy. The girl posted a photo showing a rounded belly in a black one-piece swimsuit.

Pavlik’s wife shared that she is now leading an active lifestyle, and also told how the pool is useful during pregnancy.

“During the first trimester of pregnancy, I practically didn’t move and felt that I didn’t have enough load and activities. Since pregnant women cannot go to the gym, I decided to go to the pool. And my husband supported me. Swimming is also very useful for him. The main facts that motivate me to go to the pool: the pool has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, cardiovascular system. Water gently massages the body. During swimming, all muscle groups necessary for pregnancy and childbirth are developed. Preparation for childbirth requires good physical fitness of the whole body, which swimming can provide in full. This increases stamina and makes it easier to endure future labor. This, in turn, reduces the risk of complications after childbirth. The main thing is not to overload yourself, not to swim for more than 30 minutes, not to make sudden movements., – wrote Katerina.

 Recall that Pavlik’s 21-year-old son, Pavel, died of cancer on August 7, 2020. The guy had been fighting a serious illness for two years. Pavlik married four times. He has a 36-year-old son Alexander from his first wife Lydia and a 34-year-old daughter Christina, born in a second marriage to Svetlana.