“Increasingly we are seeing an increase in adult acne due to external factors such as heat”

Dr. Miralles coordinates the annual meeting of the Spanish Aesthetic and Therapeutic Dermatology Group to be held in Parma from October 5 to 7

José Manuel Miralles (Parma, 1963) is a specialist in dermatology and venereology and organizes the annual meeting of the Spanish Group of Cosmetic and Therapeutic Dermatology (GEDED), which will be held from 5 to 7 October at the Palace of Congress in Parma , attracting hundreds of experts to participate.

They say dermatology and aesthetics are the most invasive specialties in medicine.
— When dealing with multidisciplinary problems involving multiple experts, the boundaries are sometimes unclear, but it is important for users to verify that the person assisting them has the qualifications to prove they are a professional.

Should we continue to go to Türkiye for hair transplant?
——Technology is universal beyond fashion. I just want to point out that whether they are doing it correctly or not, it is important to have your doctor close by because complications are always a possibility.

Maybe they go there for the price.
——The price is based on cost. In my case (I do dermatology laser treatments) they are very costly technologies that are constantly evolving, and it is logical that the treatments should be too. The profession is very technical on both a diagnostic and therapeutic level. The classic CO2 laser has evolved tremendously, allowing parameters to be adjusted according to our needs for each patient. One of the biggest advancements is that we now have picosecond technology and dark skin can be treated, unlike before.

Think of laser and think of hair removal, but there’s more…
—We talk about rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular treatment, scar reshaping… It can be used for rosacea, which has grown alarmingly in recent years, greatly affected by stress, pandemics or masks. These devices can provide better treatment. I don’t like talking about treatments because we don’t work miracles, we improve situations.

Has the type of aesthetic patients changed?
-Yes. Through social networks, everyone can stay up to date with the latest news. Requirements have evolved and the problem must be separated from image distortion. Men, in general, have integrated themselves into everything to do with aesthetics. He is also a very loyal patient as he has noticed many improvements. There are also young people now, and we have to evaluate when they should get treatment and when they shouldn’t.

Any good dermatologist recommendations?
– You have to make suggestions to the patient and sometimes even reject them. It’s not a question of better or worse, any doctor should do this. Internet filters scare me so much because they are not real.

Did anyone come and ask to stay as a filter?
— This is not my expertise, but you have to constantly manage expectations because they are not real. The concept is that you have to be beautiful for the sake of health, and healthy skin is beautiful skin. You have to take care of your sleeping habits, eating habits, sun exposure… You don’t have to hide, you have to live, but always use common sense and reduce stress which can also affect it.

We don’t eat well, sleep little, are stressed, and they have a lot of work.
– Clear. Many conditions worsen with stress: rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne… We think teenage acne will go away, but we’re seeing it more and more in adults and it’s related to external factors like this. During the last 15 days of August, a large number of patients experience uncontrolled acne due to the heat and humidity.

Doesn’t sweat clean pores?
—No, sometimes it clogs them, it clogs the skin.

Dermatology has one of the longest waiting lists for specialties.
—While the number of professionals has increased, the demand has multiplied. People are not taking good care of their skin, and we’ve realized that and we get checked… More skin cancers are being diagnosed, but increasingly they’re in the initial stages. Skin is the largest and most exposed organ of our body.

Why do they say it has memory?
– Most of the problems in adulthood arise during childhood. It’s true that parents are more protective of their children now, but when they’re left alone at 12… we delay the age at which problems arise.

Are the Balearic Islands a mecca for aesthetic tourism?
—My clients are very stationary, although it is true that more patients from other countries are being treated and leaving because of connectivity, but they are stationary.

Genetic studies warn they have found the culprit behind aging.
– which are scary because they create unrealistic expectations. It takes years from discovery to clinical application, and that’s dangerous.

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