Incremental bonuses are coming!Understand which subsidies users in the Patria system benefit from

The national government is responsible for providing monthly financial assistance to users registered on the Patria platform to help the Venezuelan people tide over the economic crisis.

That is why they usually announce the bonuses distributed through social networks, one of which was paid out starting from September 19 this year, it is the university scholarship bonus, which according to the exchange, amounts to 185 bolivars, equivalent to 5.49 US dollars Interest rates from the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

This benefit is available to every university student in the country registered in the Patria system. When becoming a beneficiary, they will receive a notification from the short number 67373 or through the veMonedero app (for those who have it on their respective mobile phones).

The announcement of this bonus distribution was made through the official account of X’Bonos Protectores Social Al Pueblo’. The bonus has already benefited thousands of students, but it is not yet known when the bonus will be distributed for more days.

Do not forget to visit our portal so that you can find out about the next bonuses that will be developed through the Patria system in September.

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