Independiente lost by the minimum to Central Córdoba as a visitor

From the beginning of the actions the ‘Railroad’ he took charge of the role well planted in the field, with greater possession of the ball and high pressure, cutting off the exit and the playing circuit of the ‘Devil’.

This made those led by Julio César Falcioni uncomfortable because they did not find in the first part of the initial stage the way to balance development, while they suffered dangerous arrivals from locals.

Precisely, due to the advances on the right of Lucas Melano and on the left of Alejandro Martínez, Central Córdoba began to give work to the Uruguayan goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa in the coverage of the ‘red’ fence, which providentially was saved before a surprise entry by Milton Giménez, that he defined with a shot that was touching the right pipe, at 19 minutes.

While Independiente, 3 minutes later, in his first dangerous foray into the local area, he managed to score a goal through Silvio Romero who came from the left and was annulled for allegedly advanced position, although in reality the ‘Chino’ by centimeters was enabled by the position of Jonathan Bay, from the other sector.

In any case, this situation encouraged Avellaneda’s men to improve their actions and partially balance the game, that continued to show with a slight superiority to Sergio Rondina’s men, who had another good chance.

It was the culmination of a good collective maneuver defined by Martínez, from the edge of the area, with a low shot and to the left of Sosa, who responded with confidence to contain the ball, at 28 minutes.

From there until the end of the first chapter both teams alternated in the domain within a discreet development, with approaches but without major risks for the goalkeepers.

In the second half, the Santiago team gradually became better established and in the first full-depth arrival they were able to specify the well-deserved opening by means of one of their figures: the central midfielder Cristian Vega.

Martínez, after a skillful maneuver on the right, assisted the midfielder to define exquisitely from outside the area, impaling the ball with the inside of his right foot so that with a parabola it would enter the left angle of Sosa’s goal, that he could not hit any answer, at 14 minutes.

To all this, Falcioni responded with changes that contributed little; What’s more, in another play similar to that of the conquest, Vega almost made the second, but this time the ball brushed against the entered Braian Martínez and went to the corner, at 28 minutes.

Later, when Independiente sought equality with more drive than football, those of the “Railroad” knew how to sustain the advantage to beat the Buenos Aires team for the first time in its history, in addition to complicating the classification for the Copa Sudamericana 2022.

On the next day, the 22nd, the santiagueños will visit Newell’s, on Wednesday from 5:00 p.m., and Independiente will receive Boca Juniors in the classic, the same day but at 9:30 p.m.

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