Independiente’s explanation for the water cut in Boca’s dressing room

The stadium mayor reported that there was a problem with the pump and that the problem also affected the Red team. The xeneizes players had to leave without bathing and Battaglia closed contact with the press with a controversial phrase.


The mayor of the stadium Independent explained that last night there was a problem with the water pump that caters to the changing rooms. The clarification came after the discomfort expressed by Sebastian Battaglia, after the defeat of Mouth in Avellaneda.

The technical director xeneize closed his contact with the press with a curious phrase because his players had to leave the field without bathing and do so in the hotel where they are concentrating. “They cut off our water. We are going to have to do the same to them “, he affirmed with signs of anger.

The drawback in the Independiente stadium it would also have affected the local team, which had the footballers who were delayed the most without the possibility of having showered. The authorities also indicated that they are working to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.


Among those in charge, they detailed that the engine that supplies drinking water to the bathrooms and showers of the local and visitor changing rooms, plus some others in the Erico part, failed as a result of the pump burned out due to overheating. In addition, they indicated that the alarm did not ring and they couldn’t figure it out at the time.


The coach analyzed the fall of his team against Independiente and explained the changes. “We had injuries in games during the week and we have to regulate efforts to finish the year in the best way. They did not kick at goal and took refuge in that goal. We did not take advantage of the moment.”, slipped.

Battaglia, on fire with Independiente because they cut off Boca’s water


Battaglia, on fire with Independiente because they cut off Boca's water


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