Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny, The Space Cinema vellum movie poster on the day of its theatrical release

After being presented in the world preview at the previous edition of the Cannes Film Festival and in the Italian preview at the 69th edition of the Taormina Film Festival, the film Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Fate (Review) is set to make its debut in Italian cinemas, where it will be available from Wednesday 28 June 2023. For the occasion, multiplex circuit The Space Cinema has once again launched an initiative aimed at all the fans of the popular archaeologist. , by actor Harrison Ford: Spectators who buy tickets online to go and see Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Fate Release Date – June 28, 2023 – At any given time they will receive movie poster parchment,

From an idea by George Lucas and first brought to the big screen by Steven Spielberg, the character of Henry Walton Jones, Jr. will be played by Harrison Ford in the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones film saga, ‘…more quarter of fortunewith new entries on its side phoebe waller-bridge ,no time to die, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Flea bag), Basil’s daughter (one of Indy’s closest friends) named Helena Shaw, e mads mikelsen ,Suspicious, another round, After Marriage) in the role of Bad On duty under the name of J├╝rgen Voller. The rest of the cast also includes: Antonio Banderas (unchained, the legend of zorro, life in a moment),Thomas Kretschmann ( Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Dracula (series),open grave, great passion), Shaunette Renee Wilson (black panther, resident), Ethan Isidore (mortal), John Rhys-Davies (aladdin and the king of thieves, in the name of the King, 007 – Danger Zone, Saul: Journey to Damascus), Boyd Holbrook (skeleton twin, we can be Heroes, Perfect Hunting – A Walk Among the Tombstones), Toby Jones ( Captain America: The First Avenger, Happy Ending, Zoo – A friend to save, wayward pines), Olivier Richters (Knuckledust – Fight Club, black mother,

Based in the days of the Moon landing in 1969, the film begins with the protagonist planning to disappear from view, a plan that changes when he embarks on a new venture that seeks to find an important object with great potential. Makes plans. Change the world “for the better”. Thus begins a new adventure for the archaeologist, one that will take him across the world to stop a dangerous ex-Nazi scientist.

presale tickets to see the movie Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Fate They are all open at The Space Cinema multiplex as well as on the circuit’s website. It is important to remember that the film poster parchment is only provided as a gift to viewers who buy tickets online for a showing on Wednesday 28 June 2023. For more information, visit The Space Cinema website.

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